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Endeca Cartridge Mapper

Oracle Commerce Platform provides a very good way of re-using certain objects within a web page via Endeca Cartridges.

This post is not much about Endeca however it is more about how to get a handle on all the cartridges created.

An experienced Endeca user will know of the hardships of documenting the hundreds of Endeca cartridges and their usages. Keeping this documentation updated via humans at first might seem like a good idea however you quickly notice that a lot of times the said documentation goes out of date. The solution in this post is to mitigate especially this issue.

All in all we needed a solution for the below:

  • Updated documentation of available cartridges in a given environment
  • Updated documentation of usage of cartidges in Endeca rules (shared content)
  • Updated documentation of usage of cartridges in sites
  • Updated documentation of usage of cartridges in pages

The design of the solution is as following:

  1. Export Endeca Application
  2. Scan output and provide a basic HTML output
  3. Inject the ouput page as an Endeca application extension

After some fun vacation coding in Go I came up with the following solution

This tool is missing the following features for now:

  1. Direct integration to Endeca to export the Endeca Applications
  2. Injecting the output page as an Endeca application extension

I hope to solve these soon.

Enjoy! and have fun!

John Roach

John Roach

I am John Roach, a devops architect. Find more information here: https://johnroach.io/about/

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Endeca Cartridge Mapper
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