Hi, I am John Roach. I am a site reliability engineer at Zapier.

I love working on a wide range of topics but my favorites are software/system architecture, release engineering, and DevOps.

You can find some of the code I have written over the times in this blog. The others you will find on my GitHub page.


Terraform, Ansible, Groovy, Java, Python, Node.js, Go, DevOps ... and more.

Open Source Contributions

  • Ansible
  • SauceLabs Gradle Plugin


  • Ansible + Inspec Integration April 16, 2018 Neo Ansible Meetup
  • Integration Contract Testing and its potentials for API development and maintenance 2017 PyOhio, Columbus, OH, US
  • Ansible Gotchas October 17, 2016 Neo Ansible Meetup
  • Air Table: Designing a Laboratory Set for CAL Computer Assisted Learning 2012 July World Conference on Physics Education, Istanbul, Turkey


  • Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Google Cloud Jul 2018
  • Oracle Commerce: Managing Your Site Using the Bus Tools Rel 11 Ed 1 PRV
    Oracle License 7621439 June 2015
  • Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 Ed 1 LVC
    Oracle License 7783839 November 2015
  • Oracle Commerce: Adm Your Content Env Rel 11.1 Ed 1 LVC
    Oracle License 7783850 November 2015
  • Oracle Commerce: Platform Fund for Developers Rel 11.1 Ed 1 PRV
    Oracle License 7763822 December 2015
  • Oracle Commerce: Customizing the Commerce Platform Rel 11.1 Ed PRV
    Oracle License 7909245 April 2016


IP based home automation system

IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 56 (4), 2201-2207

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A Load Balancing Protocol for IP Based Pervasive Networks

SmartCR 2 (5), 339-348

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Hacettepe University