I have done many projects over the years. Currently few are posted in my blog. The few that has been posted can be reached from below:

  • Coding for fun: Contains code I wrote for fun and no profit.
  • VHDL Game using Spartan 3AN: This is a project that I did for one of my courses. We were told to write a game in VHDL using Spartan 3AN. In the group it was my responsibility to write the VGA component of the system. [Click here to view related posts. ] [ Click here to download the related files. ]
  • The Black Box ProjectThis project is my end-of-year project.  It is an IP based Home Automation system over all networks. I designed an embedded system (black box if you prefer) which turns any day-to-day appliance into an internet capable and automated appliance. The good thing about it is that all settings are automated and you don’t need a static IP to reach to your appliance from over the internet. This project has ended and we published a paper on it. You can find it among the IEEE papers as : “IP Based Home Automation System” – Alkar, A.Z.;   Roach, J.;   Baysal, D.;Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions on November    2010 Issue:4 On page(s): 2201 – 2207 ISSN: 0098-3063

Open Source Projects

I have also started some open source projects. I try to update them as much as I can during my free time (when I actually do have free time.). Below you can find my GitHub profile.